Update: 8th March, 2009
In which I bend to the will of the people. You heard me at the back!
Update: 8th March, 2009

I get requests from the public all of the time*: please stop writing this drivel, please release the "lost" director's cut of the thermometers worksheet, and so on. However, the latest worksheet on the website is the direct result of a reader request: a spelling practice** worksheet. Springing like a daffodil amidst the dirt of the navigation bar (early for daffodils, I know, but what with global warming and everything), the spelling practice worksheet is designed to help your students improve their spelling of a given list of words. Get your students to look at the word at the top of the grid, then cover it up, and attempt to spell the word for themselves. You can specify how many practice lines there are, the size of the text, the instructions, and you can use any of our word lists to help you if you're stuck for ideas. This worksheet works well when accompanied by the spelling test reminder sheet - not only tell your students which words to learn at home, but also give them a few minutes a day to practise the spellings they find difficult. You can find the sheet at:


There are a few other changes to the website as well, mostly fine tuning to the thermometers worksheet from last time (played around with the size of the lines on the scale, fixed a couple of bugs, etc. etc.) I've also increased the length of text you can enter on numeric range text boxes, to allow for a greater range of flexibility. (If you don't know what this means, you haven't been irritated yet by hitting the limit on a couple of the "design your own" pages.) And I planed and re-hung a few doors in my house, so they don't scrape the top off our new carpet, but you don't want to hear about that.

That's about all I can face for this time, my worksheet public. Now, nurse - fetch me the anaesthetist. I don't want to be awake any longer!


* This is actually a lie, although I do get many cease-and-desist orders from lawyers.

** I think I've got the spelling of practice/practise right, although I'm not entirely sure. Why not confuse me more by sending me contradicting e-mails about how to spell these words in differing contexts? (Apparently, in the US this isn't a problem, but I've probably got that wrong as well.) And yes, the irony of potentially spelling "spelling practice" wrong on a "spelling practice" worksheet hasn't escaped me.