Update 26th March, 2009
Like your numbers in squares? You're going to love this.
Update 26th March, 2009

History is littered with famous squares: St. Peter's Square, the square meal, deep square leg - and yes, even the eighties offered us the four cornered irreverence of the square crisp. But none of these oblongs can be held in such high regard as the hundred square, perfect for teaching number and place value to all those students who demand their numbers in quadrilaterals. And who in their right mind doesn't?

The point of all this waffling? To build up excitement for our latest worksheet, of course: design the number square of your choice, and then blank out a given range, leaving them ready and waiting for your students to fill in. This sort of exercise can help your students understand place value, and learn how larger numbers "fit together". The squares can be standard hundred squares, starting at zero or one, and you can place more than one on a page (don't go above four though, unless you intend to provide your students with magnifying glasses / expensive corrective laser eye surgery). For the more adventurous of you, the facility is available to specify a square that begins at any number, including negative numbers, and count in increments of any size (so you could have a hundred square that counts in 10's or 100's). They don't even have to be squares, so champions of the number rectangle need feel spurned no longer. You are limited only by your imagination!*

As usual with our mathematics worksheets, we've placed lots of pre-designed sheets on the website to get you started. Amazement guaranteed at:


And that's it for now; no minor corrections, no further changes to either the thermometer worksheet or the mixed-up sentences worksheet (a miracle, yes). All that's left for me to say is... hold on a minute, is that a herring off to starboard? Bah - he'll escape me no more. Pull hard on the wheel, and fetch me my rod, good friends! I'll drive the SS Worksheet through choppy seas 'til I have his slippery tail flapping between my fingers.

Couldn't be more coherent. Bye!

* Other limitations may apply.