Update 30th April, 2009
In which worksheets get the edges knocked off. Blimey.
Update 30th April, 2009

Numbers aren't really round. Well, okay, zero is, but that impudent place-holder aside, there's nothing like the satisfaction that comes with having rounded a number to the nearest 10. Or 100. Or 1000. Think of it as numerical sandpaper, knocking off the rough edges, so nobody gets a digit-splinter. Oh yes, I'm feeling a connection with the mathematicians in the room, all of whom are nodding sagely, mouse fingers twitching over the hyperlink below, desperate to get their hands on our new rounding numbers worksheet. And why wouldn't they?  With three levels of difficulty to choose from (making sure you can support all of your students' abilities) and a wide range of pre-designed worksheets, many of which dip into the murky undergrowth of rounding negative numbers, they'll be in rounding heaven. And if our handiwork doesn't suit you, feel free to design your own. (You can opt to round to any number, so all of you shilling lovers out there can re-live the excitement of rounding quantities to the nearest twelve.)

Thrills galore at:


But that's not all. [Woman at side of stage faints.]  We've also elbowed in room for a download area, which already includes the Worksheet Genius "A Cliche A Day" fortune cookie. Once downloaded and installed, this little program will print mirth-generating educational quotes every time you boot up your machine. From this day forth you will never tire of turning your computer on and off. More information is available at:


And that is all, my friends, for my worksheet gland is depleted. Until next time!