Update 4th June, 2009
Words on lines, just in time for summer. Yessir, ambassador!
Update 4th June, 2009

Oh my - words on lines, lovely horizontal lines. Does it get any better? I'm talking handwriting sheets, here, in every shape and size. Want guidelines above and below the lettering? You got it. Want a dotted mid line to help development of correct letter height? You got that too. Want the facility to copy over greyed-out words for younger students, and to copy underneath solid text for older students? You got it all, my friends, and it's all free. The handwriting worksheet comes in two flavours: express, for those who need to print out a worksheet (but also have a train to catch); and advanced, which comes with a bucket full of options strapped to a bucket full of options. You can even import a word list and automatically create a spelling practice worksheet. (I would like to add that, for this activity, I also faced down my nemesis - the evil genius of proper multi-page printing.)

Want a slice of the action? Head to:


As a final addition, the website now also saves your "version" of English (at the moment UK or USA) in a cookie, to help reduce any lag you may experience each time you visit the site. I know what you're thinking - all of this, in the crazy heat of summer? Well, I must admit my fingers are tingling. And my toes. I guess that can't be helped, even with the proper bandaging.

Tally ho, worksheet lovers!