Update 10th September, 2009
Cryptography for the masses.
Update 10th September, 2009

Ah yes, a lovely coating of worksheets continues to spread over the website, like moss over a yogurty rock (if you don't understand that last comment, try it). Children the globe over are scampering back to school, wondering what worksheet jewels their teachers have unearthed for them. Why not slake their workthirst with a codebreaker activity? Let's face it, kids are addicted to making and breaking codes, and the website will now let you create you very own transpositional (ie. the letters of the alphabet are switched around) and numerical (every letter is a number) code worksheets. You can either enter messages for the children to decode, or get the children to write coded messages for themselves. It could even be a more interesting way for them to practise their spellings.*

Find out more by clicking on this link:


I've implemented a few other fixes over the summer, mostly Internet Explorer 8 related, as well as a few typos, and a bug where long word lists were not being passed through to the design pages correctly. The sort of things that are only annoying if they affect you. The result is a much cleaner, lovelier, more wholesome worksheet experience for all.

Anyhow, my work here is done. I'm off to pour some more yogurt over a rock, and then to wait for the inevitable. Magic.

* Consider the pudding 'over-egged'.