Update 30th September, 2009
Direct speech worksheets - get excited!
Update 30th September, 2009

Like a delicate flower pulled from the worksheet patch by an over-zealous gardener, another page has been dumped upon the compost heap that is Worksheet Genius. Need to help your students to punctuate speech correctly? Then get excited now! Our new direct speech worksheets are here to save you, not only helping your students write down passages of direct speech, but also supporting them with the requisite (yes) skills of identifying the speaker, as well as the actual words spoken. Your work-ravenous pupils will be presented with a speech bubble, and the name of a speaker, and their task is to write down the equivalent as direct speech. Or vice versa.* All you need to do is enter a sentence containing direct speech, and the name of the speaker to help the website out, and the magic of the internet will take care of the rest.

Bait your breath and direct your browser to:


Oh yes, and I've fixed the e-mail newsletter link, which appears to have been broken for a long time. Which probably explains the lacklustre take-up in subscribers over the last few months. In fact, if you are receiving this via email - how are you even getting this?

Never mind. Until next time, worksheet lovers!

* As in "the other way around". This phrase should not to be confused with the lacklustre Fred Savage / Judge Reinhold movie from the late eighties, a film that, in my opinion, pays scant regard to the compelling need to improve our children's ability to punctuate direct speech. This plot line was no doubt considered "not mainstream" by the directors.