Update 15th October, 2009
Cheap poncho addition explained badly.
Update 15th October, 2009

The internet is like a cheap poncho: the rain keeps a fallin', and yet this worksheet wonderwater keeps seeping in through the seams. This week's new worksheet is aimed at helping children improve their understanding of addition. At the simplest level, the student is asked to draw 5 hats, and then another 2 hats, and then count up how many there are altogether. So far, so lower Key Stage 1, but the sheet can also be adapted to support older students, who need to practise adding multiples of a 10, 100, 1000 (or whatever multiple you consider "best in show" this month). The worksheet gives them a key (where one picture equals 10 units, say) and then asks them to represent the sum 50 + 30. A picture is worth a thousand words, and as words are basically worthless (ask anyone whose been caught in a lift with a compulsive gossip) you're probably better off having a look at the image accompanying this text.

Did that lacklustre explanation stirred you from indifference? Probably not, but try clicking here anyway:


In "other fixes", the design page on the number lines section has been fixed so it (ahem) works. I promise that it did work originally, but a whole lot of code got copied and pasted over the top of it. Rubbish, I know.

Best foot forward and all that.