Update 19th November, 2009
Simple sentence worksheets in a currant bun. Drool now.
Update 19th November, 2009

Do you have students who struggle with simple sentence formation? Does your stock of basic skills activities need a shot in the arm? Well, whether you need that particular self-inflicted literacy gun wound or not, here is a worksheet that will help all of your younger students (or those who find basic grammar a real challenge). Enter any sentence into the design page, and the words will be printed across the top of the worksheet. On the next line, one word will be missing, which your children can easily find from above and copy in for themselves. On the next line, two words are missing, then three, then four, and so on. You can also put more than one sentence to practise on a page - so if that sort of thing is your bag, extend your mouse finger get clicking on the following link:


I've been busy fighting off angry work toads over the last few weeks,* so I haven't had as much chance to update the site as usual. I have, however, fixed the problem with the multiplication worksheet (as pointed out by one user who took the trouble to write in), so you no longer get a superfluous** line underneath the question that actually gets in the way of calculating the answer.

I'm tired now. I'm going to lay my head against a soft pillow and drift off to a better world. Where all the worksheets come in tasty, currant buns. Zzzzzzzz.

* This is a lie. I was trapped under something heavy, but the Official Secrets Act prevents me from saying exactly what for another fifty years.

** It's true, I checked in the dictionary.