Update 8th December, 2009
Australian spellings, 100% Worksheet Genius.
Update 8th December, 2009

We've noticed that we've been getting a lot of visitors to the site recently from Australian webslingers - and that's why we've completely re-spell-checked (too many hyphens?) all of our word lists in pure Australianese. I've also added a Twitter feed for those of you who like to hear the latest updates in 140 characters or less (no one's following us - check it out now!), and fixed a broken link in the handwriting worksheet section (how did I not notice?)  I've also attempted (as I'm sure you've noticed) to break the "bracketed statements per RSS/e-mail update" record, which I previously set at 4 (I think).

We now have over 200 word lists that can be used to generate everything from spelling test practice sheets to code breaking worksheets.  Check them out by clicking on:


Haven't got any more time to talk. Getting ready for Christmas at work. Snowed under... though not literally, unfortunately.

Merry Christmas and all that!