Update 14th January, 2010
Adverbtastic word lists ahoy, Captain!
Update 14th January, 2010

Ah yes. Adverbs. Where would we be without them? Well, our prose would be augmented with carefully chosen verbs, and there'd be no danger of splitting an infinitive, that's where. But is that the sort of world you would want to live in? Of course not, especially now we've hand-corralled over 1450 of the little fellows together into the mother of all -ly word lists! And they're in good company - we've uploaded another stomach-bursting bounty of suffix word lists to the website as well. Remember, all of our word lists can easily be "plugged into" our English worksheets - click the following link to find out more.


Life's been busy of late. Children. Work. A sideways promotion. Snow. (If you're reading this from outside the UK, you have to understand the country grinds to a halt after two inches of snowfall - the national news becomes crammed with weather warnings of biblical proportions, and people start panic buying canned food as if the whiff of regime change hung in the air.) To think, there are people out there who live in countries where it is snowy all the time, and everything keeps working!  (Although that's obviously not going to be such a problem for them after Copenhagen.)

Politics and adverbs? An explosive mix. More random burblings next time!