Update 14th September, 2010
Teach stuff precisely. Repetitioustastic.
Update 14th September, 2010

Whilst most students (and teachers?) trudge towards school with a leaden heart after the abandon of summer, I run with a quickened pulse, a bag of randomizable worksheets stuffed inside my randomizable worksheet bag (which appropriately changes colour and design when I press the "apply genius" button on the front). So to celebrate the joys of September, why not check out the latest worksheet on the website, designed to help children improve the speed and accuracy of their sight reading? Precision teaching worksheets have been around since the 70's: they are, essentially, a grid containing a small set of jumbled words that the child needs to practice. Each day, they see if they can beat their previous time, helping them recognise and expand their sight vocabulary. Our worksheet creator drags them out of their 70's roller skates and drops them firmly onto a shiny 00's Segway. And it makes them easy to print and automatically jumbles up the words for you.

Don't resist the urge, feed it instead - click on the following link: http://www.worksheetgenius.com/html/precision_teaching.php

That's everything for now. Thanks for everyone who has written in with suggestions - I haven't ignored them, I've just had a busy summer (Heavy Rain, Sam & Max, and Final Fantasy on PS3; Dragon Quest on the DS.)  If you don't know what I'm talking about, good for you.

Keep living the worksheet dream, people!