Update 11th June, 2012
Place value sandwiches - don't worry, I'll cut off the crusts.
Update 11th June, 2012

Oi - you!  You remember me.  You signed up for Worksheet Genius updates literally 5 eons ago and never heard anything from me again.  Well, I've been lost in a cave, following a magic badger who promised me he knew the secret of pure worksheet goodness (it transpired he was lying, but he did have an excellent collection of shiny pebbles to show me).  Anyway, I've found my way out of the cave (turned out it wasn't very deep and only had one entrance/exit - who knew?) and invested some time updating the site.

First off, place value puzzle cards: given a number of cards with numbers written on, your students have to arrange them in combinations to produce all of the three-digit numbers possible.  This is as much an exercise in thinking skills (I know, it sounds progressive) as it is in maths.  You can also ask your pupils to work out two- or four-digit numbers, and put them in order as an extension task.  (I put the cap at four-digit numbers - once you hit five digits, there are over one hundred combinations, and that's too much worksheet for anyone).

Try something new and click here today: http://www.worksheetgenius.com/html/place_value_cards.php

Other changes include: giving you the option to opt out of non-essential cookies to comply with the EU cookie law (which isn't as tasty as it sounds, and was probably called something else) - you can get full info by clicking on the link at the top of the page; by popular request, removing the word 'gun' from the picture lists; and adding Facebook / Twitter / Linked In 'like' buttons, because apparently some people are into this 'social networking' business (but I'm quite confident it'll never catch on).

That's all for now.  I can feel the badger calling me again.

Must remember - to - stay in the worksheet light!