Update 31st August, 2012
Only half a teaspoon, vicar.
Update 31st August, 2012
Ah - kids everywhere love two things: a) going back to school in September after a glorious summer, and b) fraction worksheets.  Why not make their September twice as cool and combine their shared passions by serving up / inflicting a fractions worksheet on them, right on their first day back?  The worksheet asks questions in the form of, "What is 1/2 of 10?" and can be used to provide a range of fractions and numbers to work with.  Enough said - direct your clicker to:


Your students will think you're the greatest teacher ever.

I've made a couple of other behind the scenes changes to the site as well, including a few bug fixes and things, and I've starting binding (I know) to a slightly-but-not-particularly newer version of Java.  If you're the sort of person who never updates their plug-ins, you may need to tell your computer to update (just search for "get java" and head over to www.java.com) if you have problems with the site.

Anway, got to go - I've got my leg trapped in a cast-iron ferret trap and my vision is starting to blur.

I guess that damned ferret wins again...