We've only gone and made an app!
It's Christmas, so why not give that someone you love the timeless gift of mathematics? With that in mind, we've just launched Arithmetic Genius (Addition and Subtraction) on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.happymongoose.ag.addsub), which is a bit like Worksheet Genius but without the paper.
We've only gone and made an app!
It seems fashionable to make an app these days, and having no mind of our own, we jumped right on that bandwagon!  I know what you're thinking - this isn't a worksheet.  But it's like a worksheet.  It's an app to help students practise their addition and subtraction skills, and just like Worksheet Genius, it randomizes the questions it presents.  It's also broken down into over 80 different difficulty levels, that cover everything from adding 1 to manipulating place value and near doubles.

The idea is that when used in short, sharp bursts for just 5 minutes a day, Arithmetic Genius will quickly boost students' confidence and mathematical ability in Addition and Subtraction.  The app will build on what has previously been learned, and revisit any areas of difficulty, so it's doing a bit more than throwing random questions at you.  It can also manage an unlimited number of profiles, so, as long as your device can cope, each member of your class or family can keep track of their own awards and progress.  If you have excellent typing fingers, you could even enter a whole school onto the device - but be aware you might make your tablet explode with all that mathematical goodness.

Arithmetic Genius offers practice in over 80 different addition and subtraction skills, and it keeps a list of 'tricky questions' for each student, so you can see who needs help with a specific skill or problem.  We've also gone for a neutral, Worksheet-Genius-y tone, so it won't put off older students who want to revisit the basics.

Crikey!  You can find it here on Google Play - the iPhone/iPad version should follow soon. And remember - it doesn't get much more festive than arithmetic.