Worksheet Genius has shiny new shoes.
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of its previous, Java-encumbered self, Worksheet Genius has been completely re-written for the modern age.
Worksheet Genius has shiny new shoes.
If you haven't visited recently, or have been unable to use it due to problems with Java, you're going to need to put down your cup of tea before you read this.  We've re-written the site from scratch.  No spillages, yet?  Good, let us explain what this means for you.
  • we've dropped the requirement to use Java from the site.  All of our worksheets are now delivered as clean and happy PDF's - no more wrangling with the school technician to get the latest version of Java approved.
  • this also means you can save worksheets to be printed out for later use.
  • you can now use our website from your mobile phone or tablet device (and even print from them if your phone and network are set up for it).
  • for many worksheets, you can change the number of questions from the 'your worksheet' page without having to go back to the design page.
  • you can go to the design page for any worksheet, including the pre-designed worksheets, with a single click.
  • the website loads faster, leaving you with more time to eat your sandwiches during lunch break.
  • we've tidied up the site and given it a new design that we hope makes it easier to browse.
  • we've found some bugs and stuff that were lying and around, and, you know, crushed them.
  • we've even made the direct speech worksheet functional, and that's been broken forever.

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel to the site and would love to hear your feedback.