F-f-f-fontastic update to Worksheet Genius
You can now change the font again on Worksheet Genius. Hurrah!
F-f-f-fontastic update to Worksheet Genius
There are a few limitations, though.  This facility is still in beta, which is a fancy term that programmers use for 'not finished' or 'I haven't tested it properly'.  For some technical and legal reasons, you can only use fonts that are stored on our server, although we have uploaded a range of fonts that we think will be useful for general purpose worksheeting.

If you know of a font that is free for commercial use that you would like added to the list, drop me an email through the site letting me know about it (don't just send me an email with a link in it though - they look a bit ominous and my spam filter will consign it to the third ring of hell.)

And in response to public demand, it is my pleasure to announce that there is a Comic Sans style font available.

If you have any questions and want to make any comments about the update, please don't hesitate to join my 3 followers on Twitter or Facebook, and shove a message direct in my inbox.