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Word lists

Lost for words? Yeah - I know the feeling. You got into work late, and now you’re trying to “thought shower” fifteen or so medial “ch” words to use your phonics lesson. Solution? Use our hand-picked word lists, craftily arranged into teaching categories, in both UK and US spelling variations. worksheetgenius.com will even pick easy, medium or difficult words from the list for you, and plug them straight into a word search, set of flashcards or anagram worksheet. Crisis aborted!

Select the correct form of English spelling.

General word lists

Initial letter sounds that have obvious pictures in alphabetical order

Other useful sounds that have obvious pictures in alphabetical order

CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) word lists

Spelling/phonic paterns in alphabetical order

Prefixes and suffixes

Verbs (verb endings, irregular verbs etc.)

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