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How to Use the Printable Multiplication Wheel Worksheet Generator

Select the times tables you want to test with the multiplication wheels by checking the boxes you need.

You can then choose the type of multiplication wheel to generate:

  • Times By. With times by, the inner ring of the wheel will be filled out and the student must multiply that number by the given times table to complete the outer ring.
  • Divide By. This option gives you a filled out outer ring, and the student must divide that number by the times table amount to complete the inner ring.
  • Mixed. As you might have guessed, this option will give the student a mix of both times by and divide by problems to solve.

Below is an example of what each of those wheel types looks like:

What are Multiplication Wheels?

Multiplication wheels are a very popular and common alternative to times tables practice questions. You might know them as times tables target circles instead.

The multiplication wheel works by having the times table number in the centre, which is then multiplied by the neighbouring numbers in the inner ring, which gives you the result, or product, shown in the outer ring.

When a number is printed in the inner ring, the student must calculate the outer ring value by multiplying it by the number in the centre. If a number is printed in the other ring, that number must be divided by the centre number to give the value for the inner ring.

This means that multiplication wheels are a very visual and engaging way for students to practice both multiplication and division facts at the same time.