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Howdy! I'm the Unit Converter Bot. I'm a free online tool to help you convert any unit into another unit of the same category. You can switch between different units, go from imperial to metric, and get the unit in the format you want.

I can currently convert 193 different units (and counting!)

Before you ask, yes, I do know there are lots of unit converters out there. And yes, I know Google answers most of the conversions without you even needing to click on a result.

The good thing about me is that I don't just give you the unit conversion, I actually explain the result and how to calculate it. So if you're a teacher, a homeschool parent or a student, you can use my converters to actually find interesting facts and information about the conversion as well.

Give me a try by selecting a unit category below and then see how I can quickly convert between unit types!




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The converter at the top of this page is the most complete and quickest way to get the answer you want. If you need more, the pages below cover all of the converters I have available.

You can use these to find most measurements (I add new units all the time) and I'll also provide detailed explanations of how to perform the conversions as well.

What is a Unit of Measurement?

Put simply, a unit of measurement is a quantity that has been defined. Sometimes this is defined by historic tradition and other times by law. Quantities of the unit are then expressed as a multiple of it.

Throughout human history, we have developed and used a number of different unit systems in regions and cultures all across the globe. There is now a global standard of unit measurement, called the International System of Units (SI). This is a modern form of the metric system. SI is still not fully adopted and some parts of the world use other systems of measurement.

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