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Enter a title for your worksheet.

Word list

Separate words with spaces or by entering one per line. We do not recommend entering more than 28 words. Any characters other than a-z will be ignored.

Lost for words? Then why not browse our word lists? Just select the words you want and Worksheet Genius will fill this page in for you.

Answer hints

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Scrambled Word Letter Case

How to Use the Word Scramble Worksheet Maker

Our word scramble maker lets you very easily create anagram worksheets for students to try and solve.

First, you need a list of words to use, which can be entered in the box using a space between words or by entering one word per line. Ideally, this would be kept to a list of less than 28 words.

You'll see that we have included a link to some of our popular word lists which can be used to quickly create a word scramble worksheet using the generator.

After this, you have a couple of options to customize the word scramble worksheet.

Answer Hints

With this option, you can change the difficulty of the word scramble maker by deciding what kind of hint, if any, to include. Your options are:

  • No hints - this is the most difficult option with no hints given.
  • First letter filled - the intermediate level includes the first letter of the word to be solved
  • 25% filled - this is the easiest option and completes 25% of the word for the student

Word Bank

This is another difficulty option that you can choose. When selected, the worksheet will include the answers in a word box so that the student knows all of the answers and has to match them to the anagram.

Letter Case

This is a style option and you can choose whether the word is displayed as lowercase or uppercase.