Free Phonics Worksheets

CVC (consonant - vowel - consonant) words

These are the easiest words to read - they can all be sounded out simply using the most basic letter sounds. For instance, “cat” can be sounded out as “c-a-t”.

CVC medial 'a' (eg. cat, bat, mat)

CVC medial 'e' (eg. leg, ten, web)

CVC medial 'i' (eg. bin, pig, tin)

CVC medial 'o' (eg. log, box, pod)

CVC medial 'u' (eg. run, nut, mug)

CVC - all (mixture of all the above sections)


Digraphs are two letter put together that make a single sound. I haven't got very far with the section, to be honest, because it takes forever to draw, scan and convert the pictures.

CH - initial (eg. chin, chain, cherry)

CH - final (eg. catch, arch, beach)