3 x 3 Multiplication Table

Below is a multiplication table from 1 to 3. Quickly and easily learn your 3 x 3 times table.

x 1 2 3
1 1 2 3
2 2 4 6
3 3 6 9

As you move your mouse cursor over the table above, the column and row of your selected number will be highlighted and our multiplication table will give the answer of the two numbers multiplied together in the blue box.

The above multiplication table is for 3 x 3, but you can also view different sized ones below, ranging from a 3 x 3 multiplication table right up to a 32 x 32.

In the sidebar to the right, you can also find a complete list of times tables from 1 times table through to 50 times table. Each of those has printable worksheets to help students practice their times tables.

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